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Weight Control


Issues with weight and body image are often associated with people who are overweight, however issues can also relate to being underweight.   People can often weigh the same but are disproportionate due to one person being 5 feet tall and the other six feet tall.  Weight therefore is relative to the individual which is why my program differs from all the others advertised.  I offer a bespoke program, completely unique to you as a person.

Being overweight or underweight can be extremely uncomfortable and even threaten our physical and/or emotional health.  The reasons for being over or underweight are as unique as each individual person.  This is one of the reasons why hypnotherapy is so successful in helping people to achieve their ‘comfortable and natural weight’.  Hypnotherapy serves to put you back in control, getting rid of old beliefs and coping mechanisms.

If being overweight is your issue and your BMI is over 30, you could also benefit from the Virtual Gastric Band Surgery.  See below:

Hypnotherapy is safe and effective; however, it does not replace the need to seek medical advice or treatment when necessary.

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